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The world is changing. Case prep should, too. We provide the expertise and cost-efficiency your firm needs to earn wins for your clients in an increasingly complex medical-legal landscape.

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What We Do

Merit Reviews

Want help deciding if a case is worth your time, effort, and resources? We’ll analyze all related files for merit, duty, breach of duty, damages, and causation and provide you with our professional analysis of the case at hand.

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We will put our decades of medical experience to work to create chronologies and/or timelines that will detail your clients relevant medical history pertinent to your case. 

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Fact Summaries 

Following our detailed chronology, we can provide you with a fact summary that will include all of our findings summarized in a clear and concise report that is valuable to your case.

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Independent Medical Exams (IME)

Let us be your eyes and ears, while keeping your client informed and ensuring the integrity of the exam.

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Expert Witness Location

We can facilitate the identification and preparation of key witnesses within all specialties. 

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We provide critical support to your medical cases:


  Personal Injury

  Elder Care and Abuse

And More


“We not only saved time by enlisting Highpoint, but their review revealed insights that strengthened our case and helped us achieve a favorable outcome for our client.”

Devin R., Esq., Maryland



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